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Aggressive Attorney Serving the Personal Injury, Civil Rights and Estate Planning Needs of New Yorkers

Fighting tirelessly for clients since 1990

Rawlins Law, PLLC provides experience, determination and the dedication necessary to pursue the best possible outcome in a variety of personal injury, civil rights and estate planning matters. With 30 years of legal experience, I use my knowledge to help New Yorkers seek the outcome they expect and deserve. I understand that litigation is a difficult process and provide individual attention to every matter — taking the time to explain what to expect, every step of the way.
Areas of Practice

Providing dedicated legal service and skillful representation in a range of areas

I am passionate about helping New Yorkers who seek an accomplished negotiator and dedicated litigator in the following legal areas:
  • Personal injury — Serious injuries or death can have a significant and life-altering impact on a family. Clients can rest assured that I will put my experience, passion, resources and commitment behind every aspect of their birth injury, medical malpractice, wrongful death, or trucking accident case.
  • Civil rights — Discrimination, police misconduct and other violations of your civil rights deserve an assertive legal response. I am dedicated to protecting clients’ civil rights and will aggressively advocate and pursue compensation in court, holding law enforcement personnel accountable for their actions.
  • Estate planning — Proper estate planning is meant to provide an orderly means to pass assets to the next generation in a way that reflects clients’ wishes. I have a deep understanding of the laws that govern wills and estates in New York and will press for the results clients desire through probate and trust litigation.
Mindful of my clients’ unique needs, I am dedicated to providing the passion and intensity necessary to fight for the best possible outcome to every matter.

Contact an accomplished, dedicated New York law firm serving the Bronx, Kings and New York Counties

At Rawlins Law, PLLC I assist New Yorkers with a variety of personal injury, civil rights and estate planning matters. I invite you to call me at 347-630-3399 or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation.
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